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We are joined by Dr. Brett Hightower, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, and Neurofeedback practitioner. We talk about our consciousness, intentions, and other ways to create positive differences in health. He believes his love-centered approach to being fully present to his patients has helped him achieve quick and long-lasting results.


Dr. Brett and Gail have known each other for years. With his great openness and commitment to learning continually, he hired Gail, who was honored to have coached him and his family, using her propriety worthiness platform.

Dr. Brett began the study of alternative medicine in 1998 at a Bernie Siegel conference. Bernie, an M.D., and an author. Dr. Siegel is well known for bringing the power of love into the healing journey.

So inspired at that conference, and by having a "God-inspired moment" where a few years later he found a skeleton on a beach, Dr. Brett redirected his career from becoming a biologist to training as a chiropractor, which he has practiced for the past 26 years. He is also became certified acupuncturist 24 years ago, and later a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner to help clients reframe their limiting thought processes--an added bonus of his chiropractic care.

"NLP shows how our language reflects our subconscious thoughts, and gives us a gateway to how we're working behind the scenes," he explains.

In this interview, Dr. Brett unpacks his use of NLP giving some concrete examples of creating simple, but impactful shifts for his clients.

Learning to trust his own gut instincts, and claiming his worthiness, has impacted his business significantly, as backed up by medical records of his successes in helping clients achieve results faster and often at less cost than other methods of care.

"I have learned to accept that the way I run my business works for me, even though most gurus say I am doing it wrong."~ Dr. Brett Hightower.

He also became certified in neurofeedback to further help clients suffering with anxiety, depression or insomnia, as he found sometimes needles used in acupuncture don't produce the same long-lasting and permanent results as this newer method.

He notes that our brains are excellent at pattern recognition and repetition. It is how we learn, but the same process can cause us to get stuck in patterns. Our saving grace can also be a problem area.

Neurofeedback, he says, is a mechanism in which your brain becomes aware of what you are doing. Dr. Brett explains how this treatment works in his office from the initial mapping to an average treatment.

A typical treatment may include watching Netflix while hooked up to a brain scanner used to analyze your brain and assess its patterns. For example, if you start to worry or get anxious, the Netflix show may become muted. Until you recognize this pattern, correct it, the show will not be unmuted. It's about shifting patterns.

"Neurofeedback breaks you out of old patterns. We know as we age we tend to get stuck in routines, that people lose behavioral flexibility. It's best to keep your brain active and engaged and out of the old loops," according to Dr. Brett.

Neurofeedback has also been especially helpful for kids with ADD or ADHD, he notes, along with college students challenged by their course workload.

He also shares natural ways to keep the immune system strong during this pandemic.


Dr. Brett says he "serves out of love." By taking time to truly connect with his clients, he can learn a lot about what is going on in their lives that impacts their health beyond physical ailments.

In talking about his passion for combining these models of alternative health, Dr. Brett says: "Our disease model we have in the United States and in most of the Western world is built around isolating disease and addressing it, rather than cultivating wellness."

He says it is imperative that you think of yourself as:

  • Robust
  • Healthy
  • Vibrant
  • Alive

"That spark of an idea, that you are not trapped, that your body can change based on what you do and how you do it, allows a lot of healing to happen," Dr. Brett says.

To learn more about Brett's three offerings of alternative medicine as a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and neurofeedback practitioner, check out his website at


Intimate conversations with Gail Jones. We provide space and time for you to strengthen your belief in yourself and your dreams. Claiming your worthiness is the foundation for centering us back into our greatness. From this foundation, we build our most amazing lives. Sharing insights and resources from her own journey and others to inspire and help you on your journey. You are worthy.

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