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Acupuncture works with the subtle electric energy that flows in our bodies to improve health. Acupuncture has about 2000 years of clinical success so we know it works. Modern physics has made great strides in advancing our understanding of how acupuncture works. Specifically, what's new is our understanding of how the crystalline structures of the fascia provide the mechanism of energy transfer that is the foundation of our vitality. Balance the flow of this subtle energy, like turning up a dimmer switch on a light, and your life force energy will shine. Your health will improve. It's that simple and that profound.

At Midtown We Use Acupuncture in Primarily Two Ways

One application is for cases of intense pain. Intense pain can be calmed down with acupuncture to assist the other modalities we employ, chiropractic and massage, to provide you relief.

The other application is for condition management in cases such as infertility, depression, insomnia or indigestion.  Basically, any health challenge that is in the early stages and not too severe can benefit from the addition of acupuncture to your care plan. Some very advanced cases can benefit as well but earlier intervention is always better when health is in decline because it allows for more choices. Acupuncture is a time tested and effective choice.  Feel free to ask one of our Midtown Physicians how acupuncture might address your health issues.

For a good visual explanation of how acupuncture works we've linked to a video that does a good job of covering the basics.  For more information on the physics behind the science of acupuncture we suggest James Oschman's excellent book "Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance."

The needles rarely hurt and they are sterile, single use, so there are no disease transmission issues at Midtown.

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