Neurofeedback Testimonials

"This review is for Dr. Hightower's BrainCore service. When I first came to Midtown, I was in chronic, debilitating pain. This pain often triggered severe clinical depression. Dr. Hightower managed to relieve the pain by 95% through his chiropractic treatments, but I was still facing problems with highly volatile depression, ADD, and a sense of confusion. Much of this was diagnosed by a psychiatric team as symptoms of PTSD.

When I heard Midtown was delving into Neurofeedback, something I was familiar with from my childhood in Germany, I asked to become a patient right away. I was advised by well-meaning friends and family that I was wasting my time, that depression was just something I had to live with and medicate. I ignored them.

I am about 80% of the way through the treatments and am just blown away. Since about the 8th or 9th treatment (I was getting 2 per week), I am able to consciously control my brain wave activity, just like someone who is advanced in meditation techniques. But unlike meditation, I had actual data that is collected during treatment to confirm this.

The result: I have experienced NO depressive cycles (which used to occur a couple of times a week), very little negative self-talk, superb attention and focus. I got done about 5-6 times as much as I did previously without any feelings of overwhelm. This is in conjuction with decreasing my anti-depressant and eliminating ADD medications! Unlike medication, this treatment permanently alters your brain activity. (Very much like a traumatic incident can alter it to create PTSD, neurofeedback can alter it to regain healthy function).

I am so impressed and grateful, that I have enrolled my 15 year old daughter, who is severely ADHD and was suicidal last year. She is about 1/4 of the way through the treatment and showing amazing strides... I am so grateful that my child will NOT have to be on damaging medications for the rest of her life now.

If you are dealing with depression, ADD/ADHD, chronic headaches, anxieties, feelings of overwhelm or confusion, please consider BrainCore neurofeedback therapy. And I cannot recommend anyone but Dr. Hightower. He has changed my life with both the chiropractic and neurofeedback treatments. Because of these, I am able to function normally now and am planning my first international vacation in 30 years!"

- Anonymous

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